This first post is going to be short and sweet - very short! Mostly just to say "yay!" I have a blog - after years of putting it off, I finally have a blog! 2014 is going to be a great year. I am not normally one to buy into making New Year's Resolutions, but this year, I have decided to give it a try. One of which was...dun dun dadaaaa!.... to start a blog! I hope you stick around through my writing fumbles and sometimes rambling thoughts as I try to remember my writing rules and style. It's like riding a bike, right? This is just one of about five goals I am setting this year, and as I have already started one on only the fourth day of the year, this can only be a good sign! As I become more familiar with the blogging format, I hope to expand this site and my posts to a weekly thing. For now, they will come as I am able to write them, but will TRY to stick to one every two weeks. Here's to the new year! Hope it is your best one yet as well!

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    Hello! Thank you for stopping by - make yourself at home! My name is Jessica. I am a single mom with a full time job, a writer's heart, and about the biggest procrastinator you will ever meet.  Sarcasm is my second language, I am a practical hopeless romantic, and I have a passion for helping other single moms learn about God's love and desire for their lives. If you are a single mom, you are in the right place! If you're not, you're still in the right place! Kick off your shoes, put up your feet, and at the very least, get a good laugh at my well-meaning attempt at writing! 


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